We Did It: Microsoft Gold Partner Status!

We Did It: Microsoft Gold Partner Status!

By: Jim Darrin, President and COO

We are thrilled to announce today that we have achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status! This is a huge milestone for the company and one we have been working very hard on across many teams at Valence.

We are big believers in what Microsoft is doing in the cloud with Azure and all the related Azure services. As a digital transformation solution provider, we know that each customer is unique — what “digital” means to them changes depending upon their industry, their company, and their culture. By focusing on a broad spectrum of service offerings spanning cloud-enablement on one end — simply “getting to the cloud” — to full-blown, cutting-edge innovation on the other end (i.e. blockchain, AR/VR, voice & chat, and more), we ensure customers we can meet them where they are in their digital transformation journey.

At Valence we know we can’t do it alone — we need great platform partners and great product and services partners. Being on the “front-line” with customers helping them solve their business challenges provides us unique insight into what products or services we need companies like Microsoft (or others) to build so everyone can achieve their goals. From partner councils to active participation in conferences like Microsoft Inspire, we aim to be one of the best digital solution partners available.

For us this is just the start. It ends our journey of working to become Gold certified, but now sets the foundation for the next phase of growth now that we are Gold certified. We are expanding our reach, our offerings, our team and our customer partners. We are glad you are all along for the ride!

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