PSBJ 2018 Washington’s Best Places to Work…we won!

We are so excited to have been named one of the PSBJ Best Places to Work!

What makes a company the “best place to work”? Is it a break room full of delicious food and drinks, catered lunches, unbeatable benefits, or amazing company events? Or, is it the type of work, the people and the management? At Valence, we believe all these things boil down to a company’s culture, and that each company’s culture is unique.

Valence takes pride in our company culture, and last week we won 2nd place in the Puget Sound Business Journals Washington’s 100 Best Places to Work contest for the small company category (10–50 employees)! We are extremely proud of this accomplishment, and it’s a testament to our employees, and the work Valence does every day for our customers. In an extremely competitive market for talent, we aim to set ourselves apart by defining our culture in three ways: career development, benefits, and leadership. By focusing on these three areas, we can effectively contribute to an employee’s journey at Valence.

The first, career development, can mean something different for everyone, however there is an underlying theme that employees want to understand where their career can take them. Therefore, Valence puts a lot of thought into a tailored approach based on individual employee’s needs. We encourage movement between roles and departments, seeking out resources to strengthen and develop skill sets. Through our Innovation Studio and diverse set of projects, we challenge our employees to explore new technologies and manage new business solutions. For example, our Innovation Studio consists of driven employees that meet monthly to create innovative projects focused on real-world problems. We take these ideas and create a platform where our employees can collectively bring these ideas to life. Allowing us to push the knowledge of technology, as well as providing a rewarding learning opportunity for our employees.

Benefits are often the bottom line when employees think about joining a company, and it’s where a company like Valence really differentiates itself. We understand that the total compensation package affects an employee’s family, quality of life and financial situation, so it must be rich and compelling. We offer 19 days of PTO (with no accrual), plus 8 paid Holidays each year. We also offer short-term and long-term disability and life insurance. We believe bringing a new child into a family is a gift, and families should have ample time to adjust and spend quality time, so we offer 12 weeks paid parental leave on top of PTO. For a company our size, this is unheard of. We also pay 100% of our employee and their family’s medical/dental/vision insurance.

It’s no secret we spend as much time in the office as we do at home, so shouldn’t the office be as comfortable as possible? Valence recently moved into a new office space that is outfitted with sit/stand desks, modern interior with plenty of windows for natural light and décor that encourages collaboration and free movement. Our kitchen is always stocked with healthy beverages and snacks, and plenty of coffee. We regularly bring in lunch and treats for our team, especially on hectic weeks. Since we spend so much time with our work family, we encourage our employees to interact with each other off-hours through happy hour’s, team sporting events, company picnics and parties. We believe in regular recognition for outstanding performance and regularly hand out awards at company meetings. We also encourage peer to peer recognition as it is extremely important in on-going facilitation of a cohesive team atmosphere.

Valence recognizes that employees want to work at a place that inspires them. Whether it’s the company direction, trust in the leadership, transparent communication, or ability to contribute to the company’s goals. We create opportunity for this through quarterly all company meetings where we share what is new with the company as well share each individual department progress and wins. We inspire a culture of collaboration, and a flat reporting org that encourages our employees to have easy access to senior leadership, and for leadership to listen to and embrace our employee’s ideas. As a result, we rely on our employees to help mold, shape, and form the company as it grows versus having a leadership team that operates behind closed doors. Valence is a human-centric working place. We understand our employees have lives outside of our work place, and that their ability to balance that life with their work will greatly impact their quality of living inside and outside of the office. Our focus on a human-centric workplace is about making sure our employees can reach their fullest potential in a supportive and connected environment. We are also committed to building an inclusive environment which includes diverse viewpoints, learning from our mistakes, and creating a place where everyone is heard and has a sense of belonging.

Does Valence have all the answers to what it takes to create the perfect company? Not even close. But we do know that it takes a vision about what matters to people and translating that into our company culture. Add in our employees, and their individual contributions and ideas, and the company becomes a great place to work. If we create an environment that encourages people to be open, harness their ideas, think outside the box and couple that with amazing projects and great benefits you get a recipe for success. Success for our employees, our clients and our partners. So, congratulations Valence employees, you earned it!

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