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A Seattle-based manufacturer of high frequency antennae, needed a way to more quickly and easily access critical inventory information from their warehouse. Previously, the employees depended on a complicated web interface to manage inventory, vendors, and to process purchase orders. This required employees to be at their desks to access any inventory information.


Valence developed a custom voice solution that interfaced with the existing SteppIR inventory management system. This solution provided a ubiquitous interface that SteppIR employees could access from anywhere, and an intuitive design that made it possible for anyone to access critical information. Additionally, this system allowed users to access the decision support they needed to better understand when reorders needed to be made, and gave them the ability to initiate new purchase orders from anywhere using their voice.

SteppIR – Voice Enabled Inventory Management


The result is a tool that enables new data exploration and understanding through its natural interface. It is a solution that supports more efficient workflows by being available any time, anywhere. It is a platform that SteppIR can continue to expand upon to put other services and data in the hands of its employees.

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