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The product adoption and change management team of a Fortune 100 tech company is responsible for maintaining and delivering a portfolio of services. Today, this information is accessed via SharePoint. Depending on several key client engagement metrics and market characteristics, there could be thousands of possible offer recommendations that the company’s sales professionals must effectively navigate. Often, this proves to be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor.


Working with the client’s ACM (Adoption and Change Management) team, Valence developed a Sales Support Bot, providing a natural language interface by which teams can learn about change management and adoption services, explore tailored recommended offers for their accounts, and access education materials to better understand how to fit the right offer to any given engagement.


The result is a new platform that enables company sales professionals to directly access needed information in an intuitive and natural interface that requires no orientation. Users are empowered to gain a better understanding of ACM offers and are able to include them alongside new and existing client engagements. resulting in greater overall success for clientele using their tools and services.

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