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For technology retailers, ensuring demo devices are updated, functional, and properly configured can be costly and time consuming. We were asked by a large tech retailer to develop a tool that would make this process easier and more efficient for field staff across 100+ stores and 5,000+ devices.


We built a PowerShell script to automate 99% of the device configuration process, ensuring consistency and reducing potential points of failure. Store associates simply plug the Retail Demo Installer USB stick into a demo device and run the script. This script offers pre-defined device configurations (i.e. application demo, digital signage, game demo) which can be initiated with one click. It runs a checklist to validate items (WiFi, drivers, etc) and automatically fixes inconsistencies.


Before deploying the Retail Demo Installer USB, this retailer used an off-site third party to configure devices, a multi-day process. After launching the tool, configuration time has reduced significantly with each iteration. Additionally, Configuration Guides are about half the size, helping to streamline processes. This amounts to each store saving hundreds of hours of labor every year, while also providing more reliable, consistent, and scalable demo experiences to customers.

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