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Improving Fleet Management

with IoT and Data Integration

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Partnering with a UK startup building diesel-to-electric hybrid buses, we tackled a large-scale IoT scenario in fleet management. The startup had a unique challenge requiring fleet control and location-based compliance customization as they planned to expand throughout Europe. An effective solution would use real-time telemetry data to monitor fleet efficiency, maintenance requests, and provide location services for discrete geo-fencing rules enforcement.


Valence handled downstream data management and application development for the manufacturer. We built the backend data collection, management, and processing on AWS, leveraging the AWS IoT suite. For fleet operators, Valence designed and built the VP-Vision web portal for remote monitoring and fleet management.


The solution enabled vehicle operators to get a real-time and fine-grain view into their fleet operations, including key maintenance events. This in turn enabled operators to build more predictive maintenance schedules, as opposed to reactive. The result was an overall reduction in maintenance costs while minimizing vehicle downtime.

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