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Our client continues to grow their business globally across 5 regions at a fast rate, and their existing KPI reporting process from regions to HQ is dependent on Excel and very manual to accelerate data-driven insights. In addition, our client’s leadership is not able to gain easy access to business intelligence data across regions and act on the critical global business KPIs with agility.


Valence conducted on-site interviews with client stakeholders to document the existing reporting processes and technologies in each region, along with tracing the KPIs from current Excel files to source data. The transitory steps focused on data foundation updates, restructuring core data platforms to enable readiness in integration with a unified global reporting architecture. The new architecture was consolidated into a global BI Reporting Suite for automated KPI reporting across regions and performance insights via interactive dashboards to the company’s leadership.


The digital transformation and consolidation of our client’s data infrastructure gave them a clearer picture to plan ahead. The company is now positioned well for future digital transformation opportunities, such as AR/VR, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

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