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As more smart home and office solutions enter the mainstream, it’s become difficult for the average, non-tech evangelist to navigate the sea of hardware, software, and connected hub devices. Increasingly, consumers want to touch, feel, and demo smart devices to ensure they meet their needs. Our client asked us to conceptualize, build, and deploy a retail experience that lets consumers get hands-on with home and office IoT technology to educate as well as generate sales.


Valence created the connected life experience, which brings the smart home and office to life in a visually stunning, engaging way. Customers interact with a mobile device, choosing from a variety of common “smart” scenarios. Once selected, a large screen shows the scenario in action, while smart light strips in retail cubbies light up the screen according to the specific products being utilized.


The experience served as an effective, scalable, and self-guided way for customers to understand how a variety of IoT products can integrate into and improve their day-to-day lives. The retailer was able to move more product – both first and third-party – out the door due to increased customer confidence and understanding.

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Valence Group Inc. (Bellevue)

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