Our Work

Our Work

Empowered Business Thanks to the Power of Technology

We lead with customer problems, creating digital transformation solutions and that put people first and give our customers a competitive advantage.


Inspired by the Highest Levels of Performance and Informed by the Future

Truly transformative technology ignites business opportunity. We help businesses navigate their digital transformation journey to unleash new opportunities. We do this with a deep trust in each other, sharing ideas, looking to the future, and challenging each other to think beyond what has been done before.

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We Make the Impossible


We Believe In

Unrivaled Client Service

Our goal with every digital project is to deliver an experience that our clients love, bringing joy, connection, collaboration, and excitement to each digital transformation journey. We go beyond five star service and reach for seven stars every day.

Trust & Integrity

Trust and integrity are the bedrock of our company culture. Our clients and employees are with us for the long-haul, so are committed to a trusting and lasting relationship with each other.


What does innovation mean to us? It means that we lean further into the digital transformation journey and embrace technology’s role in unleashing each client’s potential. We are always learning, and our skills and experience keep us on solid ground when we enter uncharted waters to do something great.

Creativity and Collaboration

The most exciting digital transformation solutions come together when we challenge the status quo and work in partnership with our clients and project teams to create a totally new and unexpected encounter that is irresistible to users.

Case Studies

Valence’s portfolio of work showcases our digital transformation expertise from cloud enablement to cutting-edge solutions across digital consulting, design, and engineering services.

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Immersive Technology Showcase

Fortune 10 Company

Creative Concepts, Digital Strategy, User Experience, Web and Mobile Applications


Robotics Scheduling Software

Robotics Engineering Services Company

RPA and Robotics


Augmented Reality Application

United Launch Alliance

AR/VR, Design, Digital Strategy and Execution, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications


Web Application


Cloud Development, Design, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications


Virtual Reality Application

Space Needle

Engineering & Development, UX & UI Design, Virtual Reality


Experiential Marketing Application and IoT

Fortune 10 Company

Connected Experiences, Design, IoT, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications

Healthcare, Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Leading Orthodontics Startup

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications


Cloud Enablement


Cloud Development, Engineering & Development, Reporting & Analytics


Digital Brand and Website Development

B2B Healthcare Data and Research Company

Creative Strategy, Design, Digital Strategy and Execution, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications


Virtual Reality Application

Nestlé Purina

Creative Concepts, Emerging Experiences, Virtual Reality


Cloud Enablement and Machine Learning

Fortune 500 Insurance Company

AI/ML, Cloud Services, Edge, IoT


Website Design and Development

Healthcare Startup

Creative Strategy, Design, UX & UI Design, Web and Mobile Applications


Internet of Things and Data Visualization

Wood Products & Building Materials Manufacturer

IoT, Reporting & Analytics, RPA, Strategy and Transformation

Engineering, Technology

Voice Assistant

Innovation Lab

Voice & Chat


Voice & Chat with Natural Language Processing

Innovation Lab

Digital Strategy and Execution, Engineering & Development, UX & UI Design, Voice & Chat

Healthcare, Insurance

Data Strategy, Web Application, and Recommendation Engine

Fortune 1000 Healthcare Company

Business Process Management, Engineering & Development, User Experience, Web and Mobile Applications

Commercial Real Estate

Data Warehousing and Analytics

Fortune 500 Commercial Real Estate and Logistics Solutions Provider

Analytics, Data Governance


Unified Data Governance

Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company

Data Governance


Data Visualization

Fortune 100 Vehicle Manufacturer

Data Visualization, Reporting & Analytics, UX & UI Design



We lead with customer problems, creating transformative digital solutions that put people first.

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