Valence helps clients leverage next generation technologies to unlock new revenue opportunities, improve experiences, and operate more efficiently.

Financial Services

The evolving role of technology is profoundly disrupting financial services, from overseeing governance to managing risk and regulatory compliance to developing blockchain payment frameworks. It is even creating new challenges around information and data security. Valence consultants bring industry knowledge and broad technology expertise to help companies get the most out of every dollar. Our team is experienced in helping financial services customers transition to modern technology platforms that streamline their path to regulatory compliance as well as guiding them to new revenue opportunities for their business and their customers.

Energy & Utilities

The world’s leading countries are continuing to transition from oil and gas to electricity and other forms of renewable resources. Valence works with utility and energy companies to re-imagine the customer experience, adapt and improve operations, and drive efficiencies on a broad scale. For example, incorporating cutting-edge technology like virtual reality provides a more immediate, real-time understanding of complex technology operating in remote environments. Valence can play an integral role in increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and revolutionizing business models through the smart application of next-generation technologies.



Although the fundamentals of consumer spending appear to be solid, the channels where consumers buy goods continually changes. In addition, technology and product platforms have enabled an incredibly shortened order-to-receive lifecycle, which has changed the consumer mindset about the nature of retail. Established companies with little-to-no operational agility are at ever-increasing risk to compete and survive. Valence brings deep knowledge in emerging technologies and can apply them to create unforgettable retail experiences.

Government & Public Affairs

Government leaders are employing technology to stimulate innovation in civic engagement and the distribution of services. Politicians and civic leaders are engaging constituents by creating interactive applications, enhancing population analytics, and reaching citizens through novel communication channels. The team at Valence brings decades of cross-industry practice that affords us the capacity to create distinctive interactive experiences, deliver data-analysis platforms, and develop applications that support transparent and collaborative policy-making.



Healthcare is undergoing profound changes while facing pressure to lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and track an ever-changing slate of government regulations. From deciphering the impact of regulatory changes to quantifying and analyzing quality-of-care metrics, healthcare providers have no end of challenges and opportunities. Valence can help make sense of the changes, enabling organizations to achieve value-based care while enhancing patient outcomes. Our forward-thinking approach and tactical experience can advance your health care initiatives while making services more convenient, accessible, and affordable for all.

Manufacturing, Operations and Logistics

Today, industrial manufacturing is benefiting from the application of cutting-edge technology to its core business model through end-to-end digital platforms. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect, analyze, and act on real-time information about manufacturing processes, the industry will achieve remarkable advances that are poised to usher in a new age of growth. Using these tools and more, Valence can help your company use these advanced tools and more to discover new opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, improved safety, and additional revenue streams throughout your operations.


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