Valence offers full-service digital transformation expertise for your business. We help our clients leverage the cloud and harness cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the competition. From migrating IT infrastructure and leveraging data analytics to developing mobile experiences and groundbreaking AR applications, Valence can drive the digital transformation of your business in the global marketplace.

Cloud Enablement

Digital transformation starts with the cloud. Our expertise in cloud fundamentals helps clients migrate their data and IT infrastructure, with an architectural  focus on scalability, high availability, and cost-reduction. Our Managed Service offerings can increase operational excellence in organizations of all sizes.

Data Insights

Harnessing vast amounts of data is critical to glean insights and meet business goals. From data warehousing to advanced business intelligence and data analytics, our team builds modern data management solutions to create business-critical dashboards, decision support tools, and new customer experiences.


From computer vision to the intelligent edge, we develop emergent technology solutions that enable our customers to build their business of tomorrow. Our expertise across technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, and voice & chat, and more, helps clients uncover next-generation opportunities and competitive advantages.


New technologies like AI and IoT are transforming the world today. They touch every industry, from manufacturing and finance to retail sales and healthcare. Businesses are poised to benefit from the vast opportunities these technologies offer to open new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction, and create efficiency in business operations. At Valence, we take pride in our focus on innovation and thought leadership. Find out more about how we “learn by doing” and strategically incorporate key innovations – across both our innovation lab as well as customer solutions – to help clients envision their business of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI gives computers the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and learn from experience, much like humans. These abilities involve computer vision, Natural Language Processing, machine learning, and big data analytics. Given recent advances, enterprises now have access to affordable cloud-based AI platforms and algorithms. Valence helps our clients incorporate these modern innovations into their enterprise.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR & VR are powered by technology that merges the physical world with virtual worlds through devices like VR headsets. VR creates fully immersive universes. AR lets users see information layered onto real-world environments. Valence, helps our clients capture business value by incorporating AR and VR to enhance worker productivity and safety, improve customer satisfaction and patient outcomes, and find new revenue.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain is revolutionary technology that enables secure digital transactions without a centralized authority or trusted intermediary. It has the potential to transform every industry, from finance and manufacturing, to health care and energy distribution. Valence, helps our clients understand the options, from public to private, permissioned to permissionless, and where cryptocurrencies fit it in, if anywhere.

IoT & Connected Everything

The Internet of Things refers to a network of devices containing embedded sensors that measure their internal state and the state of their environment. They are connected to digital networks that collect and analyze their vast data streams and trigger smart actions through complex data analytics, machine learning, and AI algorithms. Valence helps our clients adopt IoT technology in line with their business goals.

Robotics & Automation

Next-generation robotics, combined with AI, will automate dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks that humans perform now. Recent developments have reduced the price of robotics and automation, making these powerful technologies more affordable. Valence works with our clients to strategically integrate robotics and automation into their business, along with other leading-edge transformational technologies.

Voice & Chat Experiences

Since 2010, advances in Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing have fueled game-changing breakthroughs in voice and chat applications. Motivated by their ease and speed, plus the ubiquity of smart phones, consumers have rapidly adopted them. From search, to data exploration, to complex tasks, Valence can help you use voice and chat to streamline, personalize, and optimize your business.

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