RPA & Intelligent Automation


RPA & Intelligent Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) automates human-driven repetitive and rule-based processes. Intelligent automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence/machine learning, process analytics, and other technologies. Increase productivity and decrease costs associated with tasks while freeing up resources to perform higher value activities.

The Future of Work

53% of enterprises have already started their RPA journey, and 19% plan to adopt RPA in the next two years. Next-generation robotics combined with artificial intelligence can automate repetitive and tedious tasks that people perform now. The future workforce will incorporate automated processes, optimizing for speed and precision, applying the creativity and flexibility of people.

RPA Revolution

From advanced AI-enabled drones to back office innovation, RPA is revolutionizing entire industries. When combined with AI and data processing capabilities, RPA can help businesses optimize operations, enhance processes, increase customer satisfaction, and improve worker safety.

DevOps Better and Faster

Bring your software development together with your IT operations to get better results faster. DevOps improves collaboration and makes it possible to improve deployment frequency, achieve faster time to market, lower failure rate of new releases, shorten lead time between fixes, and improve mean time to recovery.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to rely on software robots to complete dangerous, time-consuming, repetitive, and mundane work, increasing productivity and quality while reducing costs and improving employee engagement. RPA can be introduced in all areas of business operations, freeing your biggest asset – your people – to focus on high-value work.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

Valence works with our clients to strategically integrate robotics and automation into their business, along with other leading-edge transformational technologies.