Cloud Development


Cloud Development

The technological power of cloud computing and cloud services that was previously only accessible to larger companies is now within reach of all organizations. Cloud computing makes it possible for organizations to deliver and enable scalable, resilient, and cost-effective software services using internet technologies. Cloud development is a method to deliver modern applications and product solutions.

Digital Transformation Starts With the Cloud

Our expertise in cloud fundamentals helps clients migrate their data and IT infrastructure, with a focus on scalability, high availability, and cost-reduction.

Access Data Anywhere

Providing access to your digital products and services from anywhere to augment and inform a company’s decision-making is a top reason for cloud adoption, which is why about a third of an average company’s IT budget is designated for cloud services.

Your Company Is In Good Company

74% of tech CFOs think cloud computing had the biggest impact on their businesses. Predictions based on cloud computing statistics implied an even bigger usage and increased profits.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

Transitioning to the cloud empowers the transition for organizations to a future-ready enterprise. The cloud is a data, storage, and computing solution and so much more. Shifting to the cloud frees resources to enable innovation throughout the business – such as transcoding, recommendation engines, and other technology solutions that benefit from this reliable, scalable, high-performance platform.

Cloud computing can be used to introduce a new SaaS-based business model, allowing businesses to capture new revenue sources.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

We work with clients to select or leverage their cloud platform, and migrate data, products, services, and IT infrastructure. Our process identifies opportunities to address costs, security, accessibility, risk management, deployment speed, and efficiency. We regularly support clients by developing a quick-start project to rapidly prototype a solution.

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