Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Enterprise and consumer interest in Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed-Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are accelerating as the technologies become more affordable and demand increases. We work with clients to use these technologies in exciting and compelling ways for training, virtual tours, sales enablement, consumer engagement, retail scenarios, and more.

Merge Physical and Virtual Worlds

Augmented and Virtual Reality merge the physical world with virtual worlds through devices like VR headsets or smart phones. They are immersive, real-time, and layered onto the real-world.

Industry Impact

AR & VR are profoundly changing how we access data and interact with the world. They are opening entirely new worlds in consumer, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and government sectors.

Business Results

AR and VR technology can enhance worker productivity and safety, improve customer satisfaction and patient outcomes, and open new revenue streams. Our clients have leveraged technology to do everything from differentiate sales experiences to improving employee training.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

AR, MR, or VR can bring together the real and virtual world in ways that are uniquely suited to this time in business. Whether your users are internal or external, employees or customers, their interest in exploring content in a VR, MR, or AR enabled experience has never been higher. An organization can use these technologies for sales & marketing, training, connecting, collaborating, and more.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

Valence helps our clients capture business value by incorporating AR, MR, or VR to enhance worker productivity and safety, improve customer satisfaction and user outcomes, and find new revenue. Our team works with clients to use AR, MR, or VR to find operating efficiencies and uplift interactions. Our design team brings strong capability in envisioning, interaction design, and visual design so our engineering team can deliver an impactful experience that looks and works perfectly.

Case Studies

Augmented Reality Application

United Launch Alliance

Virtual Reality Application

Space Needle

Virtual Reality Application

Nestlé Purina

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