Information Architecture


Information Architecture

Information architecture is the art and science of organizing and structuring content and the practice of arranging the parts of an experience so they are understandable to the user. Information architecture is the foundation for any high quality interaction design.

The Backbone of a Digital Experience

The architecture and navigation system is based on the mental models of the users, and is also based on scenarios, personas, user interviews, content inventory, usability testing, and other UX processes. If the information architecture doesn’t make sense, the experience as a whole won’t make sense either.

Delight Users and Improve Outcomes

Information architecture makes sure that users can locate and discover the right content with effective architecture and navigation. Users who can find what they need will be delighted. With an excellent information architecture as the foundation of the experience, users will be more productive and processes will be more efficient.

Makes it Memorable

When an information architecture is easy and understandable, users can use their mental energy to remember your content instead of learning how to navigate the experience.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

Quality information architecture increases the likelihood that your users will be able to effectively use your digital product, service, or solution. Investing up front in quality information architecture means that a business can avoid spending additional time and money correcting or improving an interaction after it is live in the market.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

Valence supports clients by applying a process to information architecture design that includes organizing systems, labeling those systems, creating a navigation strategy, and defining how users will be able to solve their own problems efficiently and elegantly.

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