Creative Concepts


Creative Concepts

There is a magic moment when a big idea starts to formulate to address a business challenge. This spark takes the shape of a creative concept that serves as the central narrative anchoring every decision throughout a project.

Creativity Is a Process

Research, insight, and experience come together via a repeatable, effective, and reliable process to produce creative solutions. The process is founded on collaboration that combines ideas, communication, feedback, and action. That collaboration lights the spark for a great solution.

The Big Idea

This process starts with a proven brainstorming process and results in Big Ideas that are evaluated based on their alignment with the client’s business goals and project vision. The Big Idea is a unifying theme that can be used across the project.

What You See and What You Don’t See

Creative concepts include things you see, like user interfaces, dashboards, and color palettes. They also include things you experience, like interactions, processes, and information architecture. Our creative concepts address what users see and what they experience.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

The right idea will capture audience interest, influence the emotional response of your users, and inspire people to take actions that matter to your business. The creative concept will be distinctive, memorable, and meaningful.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

Our approach to creative concepts for our clients begins with collaboration. We start broad, zeroing in on the ideas that are most potent to your target customer and aligned to your brand promise.

Whether the creative concept is for something tangible like a data visualization dashboard, or something intangible like a connected customer experience, it is more than brainstorming. Our approach to developing creative concepts is informed by value creation for our client’s organization.

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