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nearshore development
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Nearshore Development

Our senior-level nearshore engineering talent offers a strong US culture alignment, providing optimal time zone collaboration. With this scalable and highly skilled nearshore team, Valence can optimize speed to market and development outcomes for your engineering projects.

The Benefits of a Blended Team

Work in the sweet spot of communication, collaboration, and engineering talent with a fast and cost-effective project structure.

Speed to Market

Our processes allow clients to quickly scale projects with an average time-to-market reduction rate of 160%.

Start things Right

Our onboarding checklist ensures a quick ramp-up with proper communication channels from Day 1.

Nearshore engineering

What Can This Solution Do For You?

Our full-time, highly-skilled, and talented nearshore teams of data scientists, data architects, and engineers efficiently augment your software delivery and management. By working closely with the Valence US-based team, companies can benefit from client-obsessed project management, unrivaled technical strategy, and end-to-end capabilities with the speed and efficiency of a nearshore team.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

We successfully implement long-term agile management or short-term project delivery at every stage of a project. We provide nearshore expertise across industries to help develop front-end and back-end enterprise software.

Case Studies

Mission Control Application Design and Development

Spaceflight Mission Control Application

business process management

Data Strategy, Web Application, and Recommendation Engine

Fortune 1000 Healthcare Company

data warehousing

Fortune 500 Commercial Real Estate and Logistics Solutions Provider

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