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Our role is to help your business achieve its goals, using technology as a tool.


From computer vision to the intelligent edge, we develop emergent technology solutions that enable our customers to build their business of tomorrow, today.

Tech Fluent and Platform Agnostic

Our expertise across data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality (AR/VR), and more help each client uncover next-generation opportunities and competitive advantages.

Trusted Advisor

54% of innovating organizations have trouble bridging the gap between innovation strategy and their largest business strategy. As a trusted advisor we bring innovation plans and business into alignment.

What can this solution do for you?

Innovation as a service helps businesses to advance their digital strategy while also tracking innovation investment potential, market response and trends, creative user experience solutions, and unconventional opportunities within the business and market. Valence can offer rapid prototyping and proof of concept (POC) solutions to accelerate innovation. Leveraging a POC enables our clients to validate a solution with limited up front investment and risk.

How is Valence helping clients use this?

Valence works with clients to amplify innovation within the business strategy by delivering a cycle of research, discovery, ideation, testing, measuring, and refining new ideas that can advance business objectives.

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