Connected Experiences

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Connected Experiences

With connected experiences, you can quickly deliver content to customers where they are, link systems and applications into a continuous experience, and unify your customer experience across offerings and applications.

Leverage Data

Connected experiences leverage data from automated processes and self-learning software to build meaningful relationships with customers across channels. (IBM)

Market Advantage

Companies that are leaders in connected experiences outperform industry averages by 35%. Many businesses struggle to integrate multiple experiences and digital channels into seamless and connected experience for their customers, employees, and users. (IBM)

Customer Loyalty. Market Demand.

With so many choices available to end-users, we help differentiate your business by creating customer and client experiences that provide a unique perspective to foster loyalty and create demand.

What Can This Solution Do For You?

By focusing on the connections between touch points for your customers and employees, we help your users to achieve their goals free of friction and with high satisfaction. And of course, this dramatically improves sentiment toward your company’s brand and market leadership. A well-executed connected experience is a differentiator.

How Is Valence Helping Clients Use This?

We work with clients through a process that can include technology assessment, user journey design, experience optimization, user engagement, and launch planning. We help clients to put their assets to work for their users by integrating interactions across a unified and branded user experience.

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