The future of Retail will be fueled by technologies that simultaneously increase operational efficiency and consumer convenience while driving memorable brand experiences. We engage with physical and e-retailers throughout their digital transformation journeys, leveraging our marketing, design, and engineering prowess to deliver omnichannel excellence.

Speak Your Customer’s Language: Voice & Chat

It’s no secret that voice & chat technologies are transforming the way brands interact with their audiences, from smart speaker skills to support triaging. In retail, voice & chat aren’t just a buzz words: AI and natural language experiences are mandatory investments to meet your customer’s ever-growing expectations of quality and convenience. Whether speeding up a stock-check, recommending a product, or processing a return, AI-powered voice & chat platforms are the new UX benchmark.

At Valence, we pull from deep expertise across Amazon Lex, Microsoft Cortana, and multiple bot frameworks to deliver the right solution for our clients. Check out our Valence Bot video here.

AI and natural language experiences are mandatory investments to meet your customer’s ever-growing expectations of quality and convenience

Customer Insights & Data-Driven Decision Making

In an industry where a significant percentage of annual revenue comes in a single month, how can you ensure your year-long investments are making an impact? Do brand experiences yield ROI? Retailers can leverage an array of technologies such as IoT and computer vision to maintain quality and consistency, but without an investment in analytics you can’t glean insight into your customer patterns and brand identity.

We believe data-driven decision making is necessary to stay afloat in the competitive world of retail. By visualizing many data sources – such as sales, stock, and device telemetry – in one place, your business can become truly intelligent.  Take a look at the Power BI simulation dashboard we built here.

Modern Supply Chain Innovations

For retail brands to succeed in a marketplace that increasingly demands speed and convenience, supply chains must be more flexible, effective, and efficient than ever. Customers want a seamless shopping experience across all channels, with real-time inventory visibility, flexible fulfilment options, and free same-day delivery. How can retailers maintain operating incomes while delivering more value to their end-customer?

We work with retailers to identify process improvements through IoT, AI/ML, blockchain, and analytics platforms. Through solutions that both provide supply chain efficiency and enhance end-user experience, Valence can help save operating costs while delighting customers. More information on our capabilities in blockchain provided here.

The best way to understand emergent technologies is to build, tinker, and learn. That’s why our AR/VR Studio (formerly 8ninths) created the below retail demo. At Valence, we believe in learning by doing. Watch the below video for glimpse at how retailers can harness mixed reality for planogramming, data visualization, and augmented shopping.

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