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As mobile and cloud technologies touch every point of citizens’ lives, citizens expect government to offer the same level of service that the private sector provides. Valence can help navigate the unique regulatory challenges that governments face to develop solutions that leverage leading-edge technologies. Better serve your community with enhanced citizen services, smart infrastructure, and data-driven decision making.

Enhancing Citizen Services with Voice & Chat

Governments foster vibrant cities through thriving business climates, technology start-ups, and new construction projects by providing the environment for citizens to flourish. A growing population base doesn’t automatically translate to expanded budgets and an increase in government employees. By allocating government budgets towards emerging technologies, services can scale to growing needs, provide better engagement with stakeholders, and improve citizen experiences. Where some constituents just want to speak with a live person, others prefer intelligent voice and chat options. Valence can enable your engagement strategy by modernizing your interface with the community.  For more information on our capabilities in voice & chat experiences, check out our Fact Sheet.

More than one-hundred-twenty million households across the US live in cities and rural communities developed for yesterday.

Informed Decision Making with Predictive Analytics

Community safety is improved by having the data and predictive analytics to forecast where issues might arise. Whether combating criminal activity, responding to natural disasters, or improving traffic flow, statistical data can empower governmental organizations to make informed decisions. At Valence our expertise across artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data visualization platforms can help government agencies gain invaluable insights to better serve their communities.

Improving Communities with Smart Infrastructure

High-profile investments in IoT work to tackle autonomous vehicles, energy independent buildings, and precision agriculture. These projects will ultimately lead the way for a revolution in the way we live, work, and engage with our community. But in the meantime, more than one-hundred-twenty million households across the US live in cities and rural communities developed for yesterday. What investments in technology will drive benefits for urban and rural communities today? Valence specializes in digital transformation across six pillars of emergent technologies to bring your community of the future to constituents today.

One of the mantras we follow is “learn by doing”, which is why we built the Valence Bot for our employees. Valence Bot is a chatbot that uses Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, to answer employee questions and handle requests related to the company. Watch the video below to see the Valence Bot in action.

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