Financial Services

While cryptocurrencies dominate headlines, Valence sees the emergence of digital transformation across the industry. From community banking to investment management or insurance, businesses are leveraging modern technologies to get ahead. Valence can help you on your journey building a foundation of cloud and mobile fundamentals all the way through digital transformation of your business model.

Consumer Experiences Voice & Chat

A smooth digital voice and chat interface can provide greater satisfaction for your customers, reserving person-to-person for those who truly value the human connection. Valence builds expertise into voice and chat creating seamless integration between your company data and consumers. Whether internal human resource information like we use at Valence –“Hey Alexa, ask Valence Bot who is our health benefits provider?” –or enabling a customer to find coverage limits in their policy. Valence can deploy voice and chat to transform your customer engagement. See it in action here.

The emerging impact of block-chain will be huge, one micro-transaction at a time.

Financial Trading Tools, Modeling, MR

How much information can a financial manager monitor simultaneously? Imagine managing dynamic key performance indicators virtually in three dimensions including peripheral vision, instead of a 24 inch 2D space. Critical information changes location, shape or color as systems empowered by artificial intelligence identify trends for deeper analysis or action. Valence brings these experiences to life through integrated augmented and virtual reality solutions aimed at transforming the data driven financial workstation of the future. We partnered with Citi Innovation Lab to create a mixed reality trading workstation, click here to see it in action.

Smart Contracts, Micro Insurance

The emerging impact of block-chain will be huge, one micro-transaction at a time. Smart contracts governed by rules on the blockchain can create trusted transactions among unknown counterparties. Without trust or verified parties, risks become credit card fees, accounts receivable teams, and write-offs, all of which drain profit with the reliable customer always paying the costs of the unreliable. As you explore new business models in your digital transformation Valence has you covered. We not only know blockchain, we use it ourselves. Let us show you how, more information provided here.

See how we have leveraged the Ethereum distributed ledger backed by Microsoft Azure to simplify the loyalty points program commonly found in the travel industry, giving customers more purchasing power and variety.

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