Energy & Utilities

Valence sees technology driving change, whether fossil fuels or sustainable sources, with technology placing new demands on infrastructure and tools. Conservation continues as a constant theme and optimization around delivery and utilization. Valence expertise in digital transformation will unlock efficiency and intelligence in how you deploy and consume energy resources.

Training Through Augmented Reality

New equipment, modern installation techniques, and the need to counteract complacency in repeated high-risk tasks requires new training using new approaches. Nothing beats hands-on, but in some trades or professions hands-on is too costly. Virtual reality brings training scenarios into your classroom, vividly, with sight, sound, and the stress of time or other simulated pressures. Valence creates immersive training experiences in virtual and augmented reality, customized for your business while bringing our operations expertise along with our engineering expertise.  For more information on our capabilities in augmented & virtual reality, check out our Fact Sheet.


Autonomous aerial vehicles can dramatically increase frequency and accuracy of on-site inspections.


Robotics & Automation Utilities, Unsafe Places

There are some places you’d rather not send a human. Autonomous aerial vehicles can dramatically increase frequency and accuracy of on-site inspections. Artificial intelligence can pull incident data together with inspection data, ultimately learning where to inspect next to prevent incidents. Valence has the integration and software engineering expertise to take humans out of unsafe situations, expanding human capacity reserving human expertise for where it matters most. And if you’re not ready for BYOR (bring your own robots), we have partners we can bring to the party to speed your path toward automation.  Find more information here.

AI Modeling, Optimizing Consumption & Demand

Artificial intelligence is built on simulated neural networks. Nodes are critical inputs or data locations and their relationship is the connection. The weight of each node and connection in a model is then “trained” by modeling and confirmation of actual events to become AI. Over time, these networks become smarter and more capable of anticipating outcomes. How does a neural network differ from your utility distribution network –power, water, or even sewer? There are nodes, connections, and data –demand, age, capacity, etc. Valence builds artificial intelligence into systems and trains these systems to anticipate what will happen next.  Follow the link here for more information.

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